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Dear MoJo Reader,

We have a crisis on our southern border: A moral crisis of immigrant children separated from their parents by the Trump Administration as they seek safety. A crisis of walls built through communities and of refugee families detained in camps on military bases. A humanitarian crisis created by military troops deployed in border communities and an illegal ban on certain asylum seekers.

Congress has the power to end this - with your help. Sign our petition and tell the Senate to act. We will personally carry your message to Congress.

Our tax dollars should be spent alleviating poverty and investing in our future -- not rounding up our neighbors or locking out people seeking asylum.

We need a comprehensive shift away from detention as part of long overdue reforms. Join me in calling on Congress to reject increased funding for immigration enforcement and instead, invest in alternatives to detention and expanded accountability.

Sign our petition to the Senate today. Thank you for telling your member senators that we do not want more border walls or detention centers.

In solidarity,

Diane Randall
Executive Secretary
Friends Committee on National Legislation

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