"I never set out to speak truth to power," writes John Elkington, whose unique voice and optimism grace The Elkington Report column.

Speaking truth to power, while a simple phrase, is anything but simple. It has to come from a place of hard-earned personal experience.

Elkington's perspective was shaped in dozens of board meetings where he watched "the relevant agenda item — and me — reduced to ash, bones, gristle and congealing blood. And that was particularly true when I tried to stretch horizons and ambitions beyond incremental solutions to breakthrough, even exponential outcomes." 

Another powerful voice — that of GreenBiz reporter Cassandra Sweet — dismantles the government's argument that "the clean economy kills jobs." Also today, David Crane explains the truism that "it's expensive being poor," and why this is worsening Puerto Rico's devastation in the wake of the recent onslaught of hurricanes. His take on PREPA, the island's power authority, is, as expected, controversial. 

How will the rest of us become strong enough to speak up for the transition to renewable energy? We have our work cut out for us as Scott Pruitt, head of the Trump administration's EPA, peels back the Clean Power Plan, write Starla Yeh and Kevin Steinberger.

There's no truism to predict the way forward in this unusual time. Which is a great opportunity to own our voice and proudly speak our personal truth.

— Anya Khalamayzer, Associate Editor

David Crane
Rebuilding the island's hurricane-destroyed electricity grid is an unparalleled opportunity, if only we move past rebuilding-as-usual.

The New Environment of Business

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Speaking Truth to Power
John Elkington
Even when in the lion's den, there's room for a sense of humor.
Cassandra Sweet
Its case on job creation is growing strong.
Kevin Steinberger
The new EPA chief Scott Pruit has highly exaggerated the costs of a policy that makes economic sense.
greenbiz 350 podcast friday
What's Inspiring Readers
Paul Simpson
Marks & Spencer, Aviva, Ferrovial and others endorsed CDP's call for investors and companies to commit to climate risk recommendations.
Tara Garnett
Prepare to be cowed by the data.
Nicole Lederer
Don't be derelict of duty by letting Washington blast away hard-won economic and environmental progress.
George Nassos
Hiring a chief sustainability officer is only the beginning of a journey.

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