Trump and his big polluter allies just started dismantling the Clean Power Plan. Help us stop them now.


We are shocked and saddened by the news of the devastating wildfires that are ravaging parts of California as we speak.

While scientists cannot definitively say that climate change caused these particular fires, they make it clear that California — like much of the world — is feeling impacts linked to global warming right now. Record heat waves. Destructive forest fires throughout the west. Powerful hurricanes with extreme rains. Prolonged drought. Rising sea levels.

And it all gets worse if we let Trump walk away from the chance to clean up our dirty power plants, create half a million good-paying clean energy jobs, and protect our families from the growing dangers of climate change.

Yet, this week, President Trump's climate-denying EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt took the first steps to repeal the Clean Power Plan, our nation's most effective tool for combating climate change and protecting the air we breathe.

We can't ignore this climate crisis and its terrifying impacts on our landscapes and our communities. And we can't let the Trump administration’s appalling and short-sighted decision stand.

In the last two days, over 66,000 activists like you have spoken out against the Trump administration's assault on the Clean Power Plan.

Please help us reach our goal of 100,000 signatures — add your voice now to help stop this brazen assault on our climate and save the Clean Power Plan.

URGENT: Help Us Stop Trump's Climate Destruction


Submit your official comment: Tell the EPA you oppose any repeal of the Clean Power Plan.



BREAKING: EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is formally proposing to repeal the Clean Power Plan, America's best hope for fighting climate change.

This is one of the Trump administration's most dramatic, most despicable, and most dangerous moves yet. I cannot emphasize enough how urgent it is that we stand together and fight.

NRDC's legal team will lead the charge in federal court to save the Clean Power Plan. But first, Trump's EPA is required to solicit input from the public — which means our first line of defense is you.

Will you help us get 100,000 messages of opposition to Pruitt and his climate-denying allies IMMEDIATELY?

Put in place two years ago, the Clean Power Plan is our nation's first-ever initiative to cut dangerous carbon pollution from power plants — one of America's largest sources of climate pollution — and spur clean energy development on a massive scale.

Losing the Clean Power Plan would mean losing our best chance at stopping the madness we're witnessing as climate change wreaks havoc on us and the natural world around us. Millions of us are bearing the brunt of monster-sized hurricanes fueled by our overheated atmosphere and oceans, 500-year flood events that occur nearly every year, rising sea levels, and record-setting heat waves.

The Clean Power Plan was adopted after millions of Americans weighed in with public comments supporting it.

The Trump administration cannot dismantle the plan without first accepting official public comments on the proposed rollback — so this is our best chance to generate enough public opposition to force Trump's EPA to reconsider its blatant assault on our environment.

Friend, submit your comment now to oppose any repeal of the Clean Power Plan. Help us generate at least 100,000 signatures in the next seven days.

It's no secret that coal companies, power companies, and other big polluters have been on an all-out drive to kill the Clean Power Plan. And Trump and Pruitt are once again ready to do their bidding.

We've seen the Trump administration side with big polluters when it vowed to withdraw from the historic Paris climate agreement and started pushing to open wild places like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska to oil companies. We saw it when they attacked common-sense clean water protections. And we're seeing it now. Enough is enough.

We won the Clean Power Plan once, and we're ready to do whatever it takes to defend it — in Washington, in court, and in communities across the country. But more than ever, we need you with us. Will you add your voice now?

Send your official public comment now: Tell Trump's EPA that you support the Clean Power Plan!

What happens the next few critical days and weeks may very well determine the fate of our natural world, the air we breathe, and the climate we depend on. Please send your message right away.

Thank you for your support.


Rhea Suh
President, NRDC

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