FRIDAY, JANUARY 12 2018 By Darrell Etherington

Dropbox is finally going public, Facebook wants to put friends first, and Cruise takes drivers out of the equation entirely. It's The Daily Crunch for January 12, 2018.

1. Dropbox files for its IPO

Dropbox made a confidential filing to go public, with a target listing date of sometime early this year. The 2007-founded company has been seemingly on the verge of going public for most of its existence, but now it looks like it's really happening.

The company is cash flow positive and has amassed over $1 billion in revenue from sales annually, so it should be in good shape to enter the public markets.

2. Facebook officially announces news feed tweaks

Bad news for publishers (that's us, wah wah): Facebook is changing how News Feed works to foreground friend content and posts over that of news outlets and pages. The company says it's about helping address concerns about its role in the age of social media malaise.

3. GM and Cruise are getting rid of the steering wheel

At least, they're taking it out of their next-generation Cruise self-driving car, which is aiming to enter production in 2019. A truly driverless car still looks strange to me, but, to quote a certain scientist, 'where we're going, we don't need roads.' Or wait – you do need those. You don't need pedals, though.

4. Huawei and ZTE hit by U.S. cautions once again

Chinese device makers Huawei and ZTE are looking at a new bill before congress that would ban them entirely from working with the U.S. government, citing security concerns. This comes just days after Huawei's Richard Yu went off on U.S. carriers for blocking the company out for similar reasons.

5. Intel reveals what performance hits are in store from security vulnerability

Meltdown and Spectre made a lot of noise when they were first revealed, but for many one of the most serious impacts seemed to be the potential performance hit that accompanied the fixes. Now, Intel has released info about what those hits will look like, and generally speaking, it's not all that bad.

6. Byton's Concept SUV was the surprising star of CES

The Byton Concept SUV has clean lines, terrific performance and decent range and affordability. But what makes it really interesting is its 49-inch dash display, and tech-heavy interior. It's a car that could do very well – if it ever succeeds in being made at scale.

7. Mercedes-Benz built an actually good infotainment system

Yes, it's fun and pleasant to use, and it performs as well as your iPhone in terms of responsiveness and smooth animations. Plus, it ships with an actually competent voice assistant powered by Nvidia AI.

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